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  $30 FOR 30  




It's no doubt that our schools and teachers need our help. Whether it's funding a classroom grant or bringing wellness programs into our schools, the need for additional financial support great.


For just $1/day ($30/month)....you can help make a huge difference in supporting the many needs of our teachers and students. To help celebrate our 30th Anniversary of being Leon County Schools' Rock, we are launching the $30 for 30 Fundraising Campaign.



Our “$30 for 30 Months” campaign is intended to honor 30 years of bringing innovation and inspiration to the classroom. However, we recognize that this is a large financial commitment and we greatly appreciate donations of any amount. Join the $30 for 30 campaign through incremental options: 1 month ($30), 3 months ($90), 6 months ($180), 12 months ($360), or 30 months ($900). Remember, no matter what you select, you’re contributing to classroom innovation for just a dollar a day! Thank you for caring about the future of education.

$30 for 30 Months
$30 for 12 Months
$30 for 1 Month
$30 for 3 Months
$30 for 6 Months