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Congratulations to the following schools for being awarded a 2020-21 Innovative Teacher Grant during Round 2!

The Ultimate S.T.E.A.M. Movement                                                                    Apalachee Tapestry Magnet School of the Arts


Engineers at Play                                                                                                     Buck Lake Elementary

Poetic Justice                                                                                                            Griffin Middle School

Explorations in Entrepreneurial Art-Making                                                   James S Rickards High School

Virtual-Reality Human Geography Field Trips                                                 James S. Rickards High School

A Microscopic Approach to the Scientific Process                                         Killearn Lakes Elementary

Making Connections                                                                                              Oak Ridge Elementary

"Support for You from the Get F.R.E.S.H. Crew"                                             Oak Ridge Elementary School

RAA Middle School STEAM Club and Class                                                       RAA Middle School

Digital STEAM                                                                                                          Roberts Elementary

Getting Books In Their Hands and In Their Homes                                      Ruediger Elementary

Humanity Tells a Story: Be Kind                                                                        SAIL High School

SAIL Connect                                                                                                           SAIL High School

Follow the Sensory Path to Math!                                                                    Springwood Elementary School

Ruminating on Reading                                                                                      Swift Creek Middle School

Way of the Wolf: Embrace the Pack- Grow as a Pack                                 Swift Creek Middle School 

"Boom"ing with Success                                                                                    W. T. Moore Elementary School

We Eat Books for Lunch!                                                                                    W. T. Moore Elementary School



Congratulations to the following schools for being awarded a 2020-21 Innovative Teacher Grant during Round 1!!!

Lego's for Learning                                                                           Roberts Elementary School

Cha Ching...Building personal libraries at home!                             Pineview Elementary School

A Moment In Time                                                                             Conley Elementary School

Positive Behavior Recreation Room                                                  Springwood Elementary School

Exploring Nature Through Flipgrid                                                   Hartsfield Elementary School

Trailblazing Scientists Create!                                                           DeSoto Trail Elementary School

'Citizen Scientists Learning Gardens’                                               Gilchrist Elementary School

We Love to Read—Here, There, and Everywhere!                           DeSoto Trail Elementary School

Make College Work for Me                                                              James S. Rickards High School

New Stream Project                                                                          John G Riley Elementary School

3,2,1.....Blast Off With Rocketbooks                                                Springwood Elementary School

Making a Virtual Literacy Connection                                              Pineview Elementary School

Funding for Innovative Teacher Grants is provided by the local community as well as the School District Education Foundation Matching Grant Program which is administered by the CFEF.